So listed below are a few of my favorite recipes, or simply recipes that I’ve tried and liked. I am into all kinds of foods, but my favorite is seafood by far. If you happen to try any of these dishes, be sure to let me know what you thought of them!

 Garlicky Shrimp Dip – I made this for my mom, and it turned out great! I didn’t add the lemon zest, but I added lemon juice, which made it just the right amount of sourness to the dish, but it was still delicious. Now, my mom wants me to make it for her office! I will say, the dish is a little expensive because of the cheese and the shrimp. But it’s worth it. Also, the recipe does not yield a large serving size. I would consider doubling it if you want it to be for more than 3 people. I give this dish 5/5 stars!


Garlicky Shrimp Bake – I made this for my birthday, and there almost wasn’t enough for everyone! And everyone wanted seconds, but there was none! I definitely think this one is a winner. The recipe is similar to the one above, but this one is an actual meal, not just a dip. I would definitely recommend this dish as well. Very good stuff! This dish is also a little expensive, again, because of the cheese and shrimp. But very worth it. I give this dish 5/5 stars!