I’ve been REALLY busy these last few days. Getting adjusted to my new job and all. For those who do not know by now, I am a web and graphic design instructor at F.I.R.S.T Institute in Orlando, FL! I started January 12th. 3 days after my 25th Birthday! So a lot of things have happened these past two weeks. I’m still adjusting. I still tutor a few of my students. I need to hire someone to help out now, because I’m way too busy nowadays.

Today makes a week that Rico has been gone. It seems like it has been even longer than that. I miss him a lot…A lot of great things have been happening in my life. I am very grateful and thankful. I can’t go into too much details right now, just because I don’t want to jinx anything going on. It’s too perfect right now to ruin!!! 😀

This post is dedicated to Ricardo Harrid. Aka Rico Suavee. I found out today that he passed away, which also happens to be day one of this blog. He had sickle cell disease, and was often in an out of the hospital. I know he’s in a better place now. No longer in any pain. Rico knew how to light up a room with his jokes and presence. He knew how to put a smile on anyone’s face. He was a fighter. One of the strongest people I’ve ever known. He fought a good fight. And in my eyes, you won your battle baby boy. Now you’ve earned your wings. Fly high…say hello to all those we’ve lost, like your best friend Veron Hudson (may he also R.I.P). You will ALWAYS be missed, every second of every day. But you are in a better place. May you rest in Paradise, and rest in peace. I love you Suaveee. Sunrise 03/06/1994, Sunset 01/16/2017.