Happy New Year!

I’m technically a day late, but it still is a New Year. I hope you enjoyed your new year!!! I didn’t do much, but I spent it with my boyfriend and his daughter. We just counted down and then I said HNY to all my friends and family which took about an hour, then I went to bed. Not much to report about that.

On another note, my birthday is a week from today! I am excited, but at the same time, I’m not. I’m getting older and pretty soon, counting down until my birthday will be dreadful haha. But nonetheless, I’m still blessed to see another year, so I am grateful beyond measure.

So, I know it’s cliche, but I do have some goals this year. I’m not into the whole “new year, new me” thing, but I do believe in new goals, fresh beginnings and new starts. So, with that being said, here are some goals for my new year:

  • BLOG MORE! I’ve NEVER been good at this. I have lost contact with all my old blogging buddies. The only one I still know of is Nancy. (Go check her out if you don’t know who she is!) And she’s seen me start and fail every time I attempt to blog. (Nancy, if you’re reading this, I think YOU ARE AMAZING for consitently blogging your entire life and never stopping! I hope I can be like you! And I hope you’ll put me back on your blog roll lol) I want to start off slow. So here’s a MINI goal within my goal: Blog at least once a week. Maybe every Friday? Or Wednesday, in the middle of the week? I don’t know the exact day yet, but I will pick one, and update.
  • Make between $12 – $15K this year in my tutoring business. I made $10K last year in 2018!
  • Advertise my business in different areas…I want to target college students.
  • Stay in the same relationship that I’m in right now. This is not 100% going to be just up to me of course. We’ve had a few rough patches this year alone, and it’s not even our one year anniversary yet, but we’ve managed to persevere.
  • I want to get CLOSE to finishing a book. Whether its fanfiction or a personal book I’m writing. I have so many good/great stories that I start but never finish. I can’t be like that anymore. I need to finish what I start!
  • Try to curse less. It’s not good, and I’m not a sailor. (HAHA, get it!?)
  • Visit my family in Maryland at least twice in the year. I just recently went to visit them a few weeks ago, in December, but before that, it had been three years! I cannot let so much time pass again before I see my loved ones.
  • Save at least $1000. Which I know may not seem like much, but when you have to live paycheck to paycheck like me, you begin to value a small rainy day fund like that when something unexpected pops up. My goal is to of course save more, but that’s just a minimum.
  • Invest at least $500. I have about $100 invested so far, and it’s doing okay. Every week, I automatically invest $8. So, this might get bumped up to $10, and I’m going to keep building my portfolio. I have got to get this adulting thing down!
  • Find a virtual teaching position after I graduate in May. I will have my Master’s degree! (Finally!) The goal is to become a professor when I graduate. I might need some face to face experience or some experience in my field first, but we’ll see what they say.

Well, those are pretty much my goals. I love how I’ve been feeling after I blog. So much more…relieved and relaxed! I think it has helped me tremendously. Gotta keep these good vibes going! What are some of your 2019 goals?


  1. KIARRA!!! I am so excited that you’re back into blogging. Ok, you should aspire to be better than me because I am not that great hahaha. I don’t have a blogroll in general anymore, that was so much work to maintain – at least it keeps everyone at an equal ground. Good luck with all of your goals for the year. It is so cool that you hit 10k last year. All relationships have its ups and downs and it’s up to you two to work things out. Hope it keeps working out though! Good luck with your savings goal as well. Oh man, it is important to have a rainy day fund because you don’t know what can happen next. Sending you lots of love!!

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