Sorry about that. I’m going to try to work on that. I know I say that a lot. There SO many times when I think about blogging and I want to, but then I just don’t. If this counts as an excuse, I suffer from major depression, so sometimes any and everything seems like a bit of a large task for me. But I’m working on pushing myself to do more and be better every day. It’s a struggle. Anyways, what’s new with me:


  • Last week Saturday was my last day of Grad School until February. Then it will be my last semester (THANK GOD!) and that means I’ll be graduating!! I cannot wait! I am getting my Master’s degree in Marketing and Branded Media. However, I’d like to become an online professor, teaching the material. We’ll see if that happens though, because they may require that I have some experience in the field first.
  • My tutoring business is doing extremely well. I actually just pasted the $10K mark for the year. And my business didn’t start to pick up until September. So, 10K in 4 months pretty much! Which I don’t think is pretty bad at all.
  • I have a boyfriend. His name is Angel. (Pronounced an-hell in Spanish.) He’s Puerto Rican. And ANYONE who knows me KNOWS that I’ve had a thing for PR’s forever, my whole life pretty much. Lol. He has an almost 2-year-old daughter, by the name of AnnaMaria. But we just call her Anna. I have been with Angel for 8 months TODAY. Our anniversary is April 28, 2018.
  • It was Christmas 3 days ago!!! My family and I were supposed to go on a trip this year, and that didn’t happen because we found out my mom had to have reconstructive surgery at the last minute (it was previously scheduled earlier and then canceled and pushed to a farther out/future date. My mom had breast cancer 2 years ago.) So because we thought we’d be going on a trip, we didn’t really spend that much on gifts this year. I got a coach bag and wallet, some clothes, jewelry, and my boyfriend got me a drawing tablet!!! It’s coming in the mail tomorrow, and I’m BEYOND excited to use it!!! I cannot wait. I’m mainly going to use it to write on the screen neater when I do my virtual tutoring lessons, but I do plan to do some virtual paintings as well, hopefully. I’m a little rusty so we’ll see. I got him a drone. Which he just texted me that he almost LOST becuase it “flew up on its own.” Which, I’m pretty sure could happen, so I”m not even doubting him. Haha. But I hope he doesn’t lose or crash it.
  • My birthday is in 12 days!! January 9th baby!!! I’ll be 27 years old. Damn. I’m really getting up there. I hope I’ll be where I wanna be in life soon. Things are looking up for me, but it just seems like I’m moving at a snails pace. But slow and steady wins the race I suppose.

Anywho, that”s a quick update. OH, and here’s some pics of Angel & Anna & I. (Along with Santa and Angel’s Mother.)