Quick Update: I love my life!

I’ve been REALLY busy these last few days. Getting adjusted to my new job and all. For those who do not know by now, I am a web and graphic design instructor at F.I.R.S.T Institute in Orlando, FL! I started January 12th. 3 days after my 25th Birthday! So a lot of things have happened these past two weeks. I’m still adjusting. I still tutor a few of my students. I need to hire someone to help out now, because I’m way too busy nowadays.

Today makes a week that Rico has been gone. It seems like it has been even longer than that. I miss him a lot…A lot of great things have been happening in my life. I am very grateful and thankful. I can’t go into too much details right now, just because I don’t want to jinx anything going on. It’s too perfect right now to ruin!!! 😀

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