New Story Posted: Inner Voices

So, I’ve published my first story, check it out!!! Here’s the summary:

Quinton Thompson struggles with a mental disorder that he fears will keep him from ever being happy. It’s hard for him to be “normal”. Until the day he meets Tanya, the twin sister of Toya, who was his original date set up by his sister Olivia. Will Tanya be willing to accept him as he is? Or will the inner voices take control and defeat him and his chance at happiness?

Here’s some of the story, click below to read more!

Quinton looked up at the clock in frustration. How long had he been here, waiting? How much longer would he have to wait? It seemed like ages. He was very impatient, and hated waiting. His appointment was for over an hour ago, and yet here he was still waiting. What was the point of setting an appointment if you never get seen at the appropriate time? He sighed. He was also very anxious. He needed help. Things seemed to be going from bad to worse. He could tell today was going to be a long day.

“Quinton Thompson?”

He rose at the sound of his name. A pretty blonde in a white lab coat and clipboard motioned for him to follow her inside the wooden double doors that separated the doctor’s offices from the waiting room. He followed her, and noticed how nicely decorated the office was, full of bright paintings and inspiring quotes.

“Mr. Thompson, how are you?” She asked over her shoulders as they walked.

“I’m alright.” He replied, somewhat irritated still, as his gaze continued to dance from picture to picture.

“Dr. Deborah will see you now. Right this way.” She opened a door with her perfectly polished nails and motioned for him to have a seat inside.

Dr. Deborah rose from her seat at the sight of him. “Hello Quinton.”

“Deborah.” He nodded, taking her hand and shaking it firmly.

“How are you feeling today, Quinton?” Deborah asked as the nurse closed the door behind her.

Quinton sighed heavily as he took a seat in a couch across from Dr. Deborah. “I’ve been better, honestly.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” She inquired.

“The thoughts & voices are back.” Quinton said quietly, looking down at his hands.

“Hm…” He watched as Deborah quickly jotted down a few things on her clipboard. “What are the thoughts and voices saying to you?”

“To kill Midnight.”



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